Dylan Hans

Dylan is a Lawyer in our Criminal Law Team.

Since his admission to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2014, Dylan has practiced exclusively in criminal law.

Dylan has previously been employed in prosecution and defence positions, gaining a wealth of experience in all aspects of criminal law. He has represented clients in all types of matters including traffic and licencing matters, Domestic Violence Order applications and serious criminal charges.

Dylan regularly appears in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts and has successfully appeared for clients in countless bail applications, trials and sentence hearings. Outside of the courtroom, Dylan takes his time to understand his clients’ concerns and interests to ensure the best possible outcome in every matter.

With a passion for social justice and protection of individuals’ rights, Dylan has volunteered at the Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House and the Caxton Legal Centre. His extensive experience and passion for criminal law ensures that his clients are guided through every step of proceedings with care and clarity.  

Read what Dylan's clients have to say…

"Dylan made the process easy and as stress-free as it could be. Fixed price was less than expected having contacted other firms and outcome was beyond expected. Dylan's extra preparation meant I got a better outcome than usual, despite the prosecutor disagreeing. Even the magistrate said he normally wouldn't grant the outcome, but did. Thank you Quinn and Scattini and Dylan Hans!  FW"

"Very satisfied with Dylan's hard work. JH"

"Dylan helped me immensely was able to provide me with an excellent solution to my problem it was a hassle free experience as he was able to look after everything with a very reasonable fix priced fee I cannot thank him enough for the outcome and would highly recommend him!  MR"

"Very glad with the work Dylan put into my case and the result!  Highly recommend!  NS"

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