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Commercial Contracts

Our Business Team has experience in all ranges of commercial contracts to ensure that any commercial contracts that need to be drafted, analysed or terminated by our clients are handled professionally and competently.

We offer sound legal advice from the initial offer and acceptance to making sure that the commercial contract is clear, unambiguous and certain to avoid difficulties in either party fulfilling the contract or not understanding their duties and responsibilities under the contract.  We believe that this attention to detail minimises any problems that may be encountered once the contract is entered into saving you time and money in the long term.

We have extensive experience in advising our business clients on issues that can arise after a commercial contract has been signed.  Our experience ranges from situations where there has been a failure of consideration under the contract to advising our clients in situations where performance of the contract means that time is of the essence.

Termination of a commercial contract

If a commercial contract is terminated and the grounds relied on for the termination are not sound then the party who wrongfully terminated the contract can be made liable to pay compensation to the other party to the contract.  To avoid this possibility the Business Team at Quinn & Scattini go through each commercial contract with a fine toothcomb to ensure that the termination of the contract is lawful either for the breach of a condition or a repudiation of the contract.

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