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Family & De Facto Law

Family law issues are unique and require specialist attention.

In society today, almost everyone has a friend, workmate or relative who has been or is going through a separation or divorce. Unfortunately, this often leads to misconceptions about rights, entitlements and likely outcomes.

Need the best outcome? At Quinn & Scattini we have an experienced Family Law Team, including an Accredited Family Law Specialist, who deliver the best outcome, and this experience is available at any of our offices to help you.

What is Family Law?

The term includes a range of issues relating to relationships, parenting issues and financial matters.

The major areas are:

Our goal is to get you the best outcome without having to go to court. Parties can reach an agreement themselves, and just ask us to formalise the arrangements.

Family Law Mediation

Mediation using the help of a trained mediator can be an effective way of reaching agreement, and since the Family Law Courts usually require parties to try mediation before using the courts, it makes sense to try mediation sooner rather than later.

Family lawyers spend much of their time negotiating to achieve outcomes, and our team is skilled in this. We pride ourselves on our ability to settle matters, but if all else fails, court becomes the only option.

Family Law Court

If the court is used, most matters are resolved before they get to a final hearing – our efforts to settle don’t stop just because you are in the court system. If you are unlucky enough to need a court decision, we will dedicate our skills and experience to getting the right result for you.

For many people, funding a law case is a real problem, and we may be able to assist you.

We are happy to discuss payment options with you that are suited to your situation.

How We Can Help

Quinn & Scattini Lawyers’ expert Family Law Team can assess your individual situation in accordance with the Act, provide expert guidance in negotiations with your former partner, offer practical and experienced advice if appearing before the court is unavoidable, and provide you with the best legal representation if court-ordered agreements are required. With over 40 years’ experience, our Family Law Team are experts in the family law field. The team also boasts an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

Initial Consultation

Attending an initial consultation, at any of our local offices, is the essential first step.

The initial consultation provides you with an opportunity to meet your dedicated lawyer, discuss issues, identify your options, map solutions and provide an estimate of costs. Lasting up to one hour, our initial consultations provide the perfect opportunity to have a no obligation, confidential discussion about your family law matter.

In addition, the time spent provides you with an opportunity to assess whether our family solicitor is the right one for you during this important and often stressful transition in your life.

Payment Options

We understand that the urgent, and often unavoidable, nature of family law matters may leave you financially blindsided.

Our experienced lawyers may be able to assist you on a deferred fee basis, if eligible. This arrangement means your legal fees can be paid at pre-determined intervals for example, following the sale of a property or at the conclusion of your matter. Our expert lawyers will keep you up-to-date with costs, allowing you to stay in control of spend.

To determine your eligibility, call us on 1800 999 529 or  submit an online enquiry below. This aspect can also be discussed during an initial consultation.

Please note, we do not offer ‘no win no fee’ arrangements for family law matters.

Legal Aid

Quinn & Scattini Lawyers do not do Legal Aid for family law matters.

Quinn & Scattini Lawyers are preferred suppliers of Legal Aid for criminal law matters only.

If you require detailed information on the Legal Aid process, eligibility requirements or would like to make an application for a family solicitor, visit Legal Aid Queensland’s website or access the Factsheet “Can I get Legal Aid”.

Why Choose Us?

You will be talking to a real expert, local to you. You will not be treated like a file number but as a real person, and a person going through a difficult and stressful experience. Get expert advice, not just what you want to hear, in a language you can understand, not legal jargon.

Office Locations

Our expert family lawyers are available at any of our local offices.

Get In Touch!

Our expert family lawyers have assisted 100s of Queenslanders to start again with confidence. Book an initial consultation, submit an online enquiry below or speak to an expert family lawyer on 1800 999 529.

Reach out to us. 24/7.

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