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Family Transfers

There are many differing reasons why property is transferred from one family member to another.  These reasons can include:

  • death in the family,
  • divorce,
  • sub-division of larger estates,
  • inheritance,
  • gifting, or
  • buying and selling among family members.

Sometimes family members have bought property co-jointly and want to then transfer the ownership for part of a property to another family member.  Quinn & Scatinni understand that you want the conveyancing for all these types of transactions to be prompt, practical and cost-efficient.  We specialise in conveyancing for family transfers of property and offer practical, professional advice and handling.

Co-ownership and joint ownership of property

In Queensland, co-ownership and joint ownership of property have particular requirements and stipulations.  Often, in the division of an estate, these requirements need explanation and require teasing out.  Understanding the rights of step-children and concessions in relation to ancestry is also an area where confusion can arise in family property transfer.  Knowing what duties are payable and what concessions are available is our area of expertise.  We offer practical advice and handling of transfer and stamp duties, property searches, title registration, survey plans, deposits, contract clauses and settlement representation.

Intra-family transfers and exchange of property

Intra-family transfers and exchange of property can occur for a variety of reasons, celebratory or subdued.  Quinn & Scattini understand that intra-family transfers due to divorce can often be stressful. Regulations about de-facto and spouse rights and the transfer of property to step-children can be translated easily and efficiently without unneeded conflict and confusion.  We offer a personal, confidential and completely professional service, which takes the worry out of complicated negotiations.

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