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Houses/Home Units/Land

Quinn & Scattini offer an efficient and cost-effective conveyancing experience.  Our costs are competitive and fixed.  We pride ourselves in providing a personal service for our clients, with consultation and representation across a range of conveyancing matters, related to the transfer of houses, home units and land for family or investment purposes.

Professional conveyancing begins with understanding the essential terms and conditions of a contract from the perspective of both buyer and seller, and ensuring that contractual due dates are met.  Understanding clauses that might be added to a contract, or adding clauses to ensure that rights are protected, requires an experienced team of Property Lawyers.

The conveyancing process can involve a range of issues including:

  • professional advice,
  • handling of transfer and stamp duties,
  • property searches,
  • title registration,
  • survey plans,
  • deposits,
  • contract clauses, and
  • settlement representation.

Contract details must be understood by all parties and thoroughly checked to avoid penalties and contract termination.  Contract clauses can cover an array of issues, such as:

  • building reports,
  • release of the deposit,
  • termination of an existing sale contract,
  • simultaneous completion of other contracts by buyers or sellers,
  • engineer or pest controller’s report,
  • seller finance,
  • pool fencing,
  • building covenants, and
  • early possession.
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