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Internet Offences

Internet offences cover a broad range of offending, from computer hacking offences to using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence to possession of exploitation material.

The maximum penalties relating to internet offences vary depending on the type of charge and the number of charges against any particular defendant.

The commission of internet offences can be breaches of either Queensland or Commonwealth legislation, each of which are subject to different sentencing regimes.

Legal Aid

Quinn & Scattini Lawyers are preferred suppliers of Legal Aid for criminal law, traffic law and youth justice matters only.  We provide our Legal Aid clients with outstanding service, and are committed to providing legal assistance to those unable to afford private representation.

Please note, we no longer provide Legal Aid services in the Ipswich area. Legal Aid services are available only via our Brisbane, Beenleigh, Caboolture, Cleveland, Gold Coast and Jimboomba offices.

If you require detailed information on the Legal Aid process, eligibility requirements, would like to make an application or need to find a Legal Aid lawyer in the Ipswich area, visit Legal Aid Queensland’s website or access the Factsheet “Can I get Legal Aid.”

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