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Off the Plan Sales / Purchases

An off-the-plan contract is a contract for the sale of land or a strata title unit or townhouse that has not been issued with a separate title on the date that the contract is entered into.

Checking contracts is an important aspect of conveyancing when dealing with buying and selling off-the-plan.  There are problematic areas to be aware of when purchasing off-the-plan and careful consideration of the details of contracts is required on both the part of the buyer and the seller.  These include complying with the strict disclosure requirements under legislation, including the Land Sales Act and the Body Corporate and Community Management Act.  Failure to comply with these requirements as a seller will mean that the buyer may have a right to terminate the contract.  Lack of scrutiny and attention to detail with regard to contract clauses can cause extra costs and time delays for developers and buyers alike.

These types of oversights can be avoided by engaging our property solicitors.  This specialised and personal service takes the stress out of off-the-plan conveyancing.

Quinn & Scattini have many years of experience in dealing with conveyancing for off-the-plan property transactions in Queensland having asked for both developers and buyers.

Quinn & Scattini ensures a seamless process of conveyancing when buying or selling off-the-plan.  We handle contract checking, disclosures, duties, and lodgements with professional care and attention to detail, taking the worry out of off-the plan transactions and avoiding unnecessary delays.

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