Evette Jones


Evette is currently taking a leave of absence for which she is scheduled to return in June 2018.  If you have a family law enquiry you can contact us at mail@qslaw.com.au or via telephone on 1800 999 529.

Evette is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law (Queensland). The accreditation course distinguishes solicitors who are experts within their field of law.

Evette is particularly passionate about clients receiving cost effective advice, irrespective of the issues in dispute or the financial capacity of the client.  She prides herself on her ability to assist clients to achieve the best possible outcome during what is often a difficult period in their lives.

"Evette was my solicitor in a legal matter that has lasted for over a year now. I find her to be conscientious, reliable, constructive and trustworthy. She has demonstrated deep and detailed knowledge of the area I was seeking advice for, namely Family Court matters. I have also found that she produces excellent work and at all times, has tried to minimize the costs."

Evette's experience covers a broad array of issues, from complex property matters to children's disputes, from interim applications and spousal maintenance claims to applications for divorce, the list goes on.  She also holds a particular interest in alternative dispute resolution.  With her dedication to succeeding for all of her clients, Evette remains approachable but professional.

Evette is also a member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council Australia and the Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland.

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