Helena Mrmos

Helena is the Team Leader of our Commercial Litigation Team, having previously worked at the firm for a number of years.

Helena’s expertise is negotiating pathways for clients with various issues, whether it is relating to money, differences of opinion, clashes of personal or business pursuits. The path to resolving such conflicts is different for every matter. Helena always drives towards  clients’ desired outcomes with an aim to cause minimal stress and cost.

In addition to general commercial litigation matters, such as contractual disputes, partnership disputes, trust matters, negligence etc, Helena manages employment law matters for and against both, employers and employees, ranging from negotiating and drafting agreements to litigating any disputes.

Helena also manages matters of both personal and corporate insolvency and corporations law and acts both for and against external administrators such as liquidators or receivers, as well as company directors and bankruptcy trustees.

Helena’s abilities range from the straightforward, such as issuing and setting aside statutory demands and winding up applications, through to managing more complex matters that require a delicate balance between legal concerns, commercial interests – and often pride.  She is driven by curiosity, challenges, a love of life and the people she surrounds herself with.

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