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Contested Children’s Order

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Type of Case:  Family & De Facto LawChildren’s Issues

The Situation:  Our client was an expectant father seeking time with his unborn child, upon its birth.  The mother was refusing to provide the father with any information about the ongoing pregnancy or health of the child.  We arranged for an application to be filed in court seeking contested children’s orders shortly after the birth of the child (an application to court cannot be made until the child is born).  On the first return to court the father was immediately awarded time with the child with a view to such time increasing as the child aged.  As the matter progressed the father’s relationship with the child continued to flourish and grow.

The Result:  The child’s time with the father increased and the father now enjoys a close and loving relationship with the child with whom he spends a significant amount of time each week. The father’s matter resolved by consent without the need to proceed to trial.  The mother and father now share an amicable co-parenting relationship.  When the matter came to an end the father expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by Quinn & Scattini Lawyers by saying “I would not have come as far and would not have a relationship with my daughter if it wasn’t for you, for that we thank you”.

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