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In The Market To Franchise

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Case Reference: 900595

Type of Case: Corporate & Business LawFranchising

The Situation: Our client was interested in entering into a franchise agreement with a major national real estate business and required the disclosure document and franchise agreement to be urgently reviewed, as there was a limited window of opportunity for our client to enter into the arrangement.

We urgently reviewed the disclosure document and franchise agreement, clause-by-clause, and provided detailed advices and recommendations. Our advice set out our client’s potential rights and obligations under the franchise agreement and also included information on the current franchisor, existing franchise operations, intellectual property, engagement required between the franchisee and franchisor during the agreed term and any hidden costs and securities.

The Result: Our client was armed with the right information at the right time, allowing our client to seriously consider entering into the franchise agreement within a short time-frame.

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