Success Stories​

Probate Granted On A
Photocopy Of A Missing Will

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Case Reference:  113838

Type of Case:  Deceased Estate Administration – Probate

The Situation:  A will had gone missing.  A firm of solicitors said that they had given the will to the executor, Rodney.  But Rodney denied that he had received it.  Rodney engaged Quinn & Scattini to apply for probate of a photocopy of the will. Quinn & Scattini acted on a deferred-fee basis.

The Result:  Success.  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court approved probate of a photocopy of the will.

* Names have been changed for confidentiality.  However, some cases appear on public records such as court reports on the internet. As every case is different, the cases reported here cannot be taken as an indication of a similar outcome being likely in your case, and these reports are not to be taken as legal advice about your particular situation.

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