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Renewing The Rights

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Case Reference:  130366

Type of Case: Corporate & Business LawManagement Rights

The Situation:  Our client wanted to exercise their option to renew management rights of townhouse complex on the Gold Coast, where they had caretaker and letting rights.  We completed a detailed review of the caretaking agreement and letting agreement in order to identify all requirements that needed to be met to ensure the timely renewal of the management rights contract.  After identifying the requirements, in particular, notice periods, we then liaised with the townhouse complex’s body corporate and provided formal written notification of our client’s right to renew their management rights for the prescribed amount of time, as per the management rights contract.

The Result:  The renewal request met all legal requirements under the management rights contract and was immediately accepted by the townhouse complex’s body corporate, providing our client with a clear outcome for their future business operations.

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