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Successful Negotiation To Reduce Serious Charge Of Robbery

Monday, February 19, 2018

Case Reference:  165352

Type of Case: Criminal LawTheft, Fraud & Robbery

The Situation:  Our client was charged with robbery and assaults for an incident that had occurred at a retail store.  It involved an alleged assault against a store employee and injuries indirectly caused to two young children.  Robbery is an extremely serious offence which usually results in sentences of actual custody.

The Result:  We identified at an early stage that the charge or robbery did not fairly reflect our client’s conduct.  After successful negotiations with the prosecution, the charge was downgraded to attempted stealing.  For that offence and the assault charges, our client was sentenced to a period of probation without a conviction being recorded.

As every case is different, the cases reported here cannot be taken as an indication of a similar outcome being likely in your case, and these reports are not to be taken as legal advice about your particular situation.

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