Criminal Law

Monday, October 19, 2015

Word or Phrase Description
Aggrieved Person making the DVO application.
Assault An offence of causing physical injury to another.
Criminal/defence lawyer Person who represents accused people.
Domestic violence order (DVO) An order taken out to ensure that a person cannot harass/intimidate/contact another.
Fraud An offence of gaining an unauthorised financial benefit.
Indecent treatment An offence of touching/interfering with children under the age of 16.
Jail The institution prisoners are kept.
Magistrates/District/Supreme Court The venue where traffic and criminal matters are heard.
Obstruct police The offence of not obeying police.
Penalty The outcome of pleading guilty.
Pleading guilty Admitting to committing an offence.
Protection order Another phrase for above.
Public nuisance The offence of acting offensively in public.
Rape An offence of non consensual sex.
Respondent Person against who the DVO has been taken out against.
Robbery An offence of stealing.
Trial The process of defending a charge.
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